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FCC chairman rolls through Eastern Oregon
Chairman and Rep. Walden greeted by protesters during Pendleton visit
12:30 P.M. UPDATE: Police question man with replica gun
Old School shirts find an Old West town
Weiner dogs race in Pendleton


ALL-EO SOFTBALL: Pendleton’s Richards finishes career on top
The 2018 All-EO Softball team, led by Pendleton's Lauren Richards as Player of the Year.
BASEBALL/SOFTBALL: Hodgen Distributing wins in Baker, Pendleton LL softball wins district
ALL-EO BASEBALL: Levi Thieme launched Rockets all the way to the ‘ship
BASEBALL: White Sox 10-ruled way to Babe Ruth championship


OUT OF THE VAULT: Button, dust lead to burglary conviction

It was good old-fashioned police work at its best.

Hill Meat Company in Pendleton was...

Kindle | A quiet musician shares her songs
Brewer’s Grade blazes on with music award
Bobby & Faith strum acoustic tunes


Our view: It’s time for Trump to prove himself on trade
How much longer is the self-described deal-maker going to take?
Other views | Oregon ahead of the curve on voting rights
Egan| Trickle down Trumpsters and the debasement of language
Murdock | Can a writer learn to draw?


Upcoming services--June 23, 2018


MOORE, MARGARET — Graveside service at 10 a.m. at the Riverview...

LaVonna Rae Furstenberg
Shari Gritz
Death: Marianne Cecelia (Bantle) Schwartz


BIRTHS: June 23, 2018

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

JUNE 15, 2018

BERGSTROM — Chelsea Bergstrom...

Busy day of vehicle thefts, noxious weeds, a woman who jumped from a car and the search for a body
COURTS: June 16, 2018
MOST WANTED: June 16, 2018

Capital Bureau

Can ODOT fire employee for advocating for shooting?
Lori McAllen, an employee at a state DMV office, purportedly made a post on Facebook advocating for...
Ban on food taxes would be a first
Backers drop gun storage initiative for now
Hackers attack state email system