So what is an anxious American to do?

Published on November 15, 2017 8:46PM

Limit exposure to the news

“True, it’s important to be informed right now, but we need to set boundaries. The hour before bed is not the time to check the news. Put your phone in a different room. There is no breaking news I really have to be aware of at 10 o’clock at night so I can ruminate on it for an hour.” Vaile Wright, director of research at the American Psychological Association

Connect with others

“We’ve got to try to find someplace in our lives and our social circles where we can have a respectful conversation about it and be openminded, even if it’s just with one person.” Psychologist Connie Umphred

Take care of yourself

“In times like these, how we take care of ourselves is especially important.” Joel Lane, president of the Oregon Counseling Association

Empower yourself

“Be involved. Get involved with local politics. Join with other like-minded people and find some way to feel like you can have an impact. Run for office or talk to local politicians.” Psychologist Connie Umphred

(In the Stress in America Survey, half of respondents said the state of the nation compelled them to volunteer or otherwise support causes they value.)

Look for the good

“We live in a world with so much conflict and violence, but there is also so much beauty and love in the world. You have to purposefully look for it when you are overwhelmed with stress and fear, but it is there. Take some time every day to find it, even if it is just in small moments.” Therapist Jennifer Fuller, Talkspace


“Take a moment to step back, breathe, and engage your five senses. What are you feeling/seeing/smelling/touching/tasting right now? Pay attention to how you are experiencing the stress in your body. Note that not only do you get to be kind to other people, you also get to be kind to yourself, and that means taking good care of your body as it is under stress. After a few moments, notice if the problem seems as big as it did a moment ago.” Counselor Katherine Walter, Catalyst Counseling


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