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BIRTHS: March 18, 2017

Published on March 18, 2017 3:00AM

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

FEBRUARY 26, 2017

UKACHUKWU — Uche Ukachukwu and Perry Ukachukwu: twin girls, Oluoma Gianna Ukachukwu and Chioma Arianna Ukachukwu.

MARCH 6, 2017

SPRING — Adara Spring and Cole Spring of Boardman: a boy, Easton Alan Spring.

MARCH 10, 2017

CREGER — Shireese Minthorn and Thad Creger of Pendleton: a boy, Malcolm Lyle Creger.

MARCH 12, 2017

MORRIS — Amber M. Morris of Pendleton: a girl, Marlayna Michelle Morris.

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

MARCH 11, 2017

VARGAS — Venise A. Gutierrez and Aldo D. Vargas Sr. of Hermiston: a girl, Avyana Dahlia Vargas.


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