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BIRTHS: Oct. 14, 2017

Published on October 14, 2017 3:00AM

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

OCT. 3, 2017

DELGADO — Skylee M. Soper and Juan V. Delgado of Hermiston: a girl, Mahlia Rae Delgado.

OCT. 6, 2017

VRABEL — Crystal A. Schlaht and David L. Vrabel of Pendleton: a boy, Ayden Lee Vrabel.

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

OCT. 3, 2017

CASTRO — Marissa D. Crowe and Taylor A. Castro of Hermiston: a boy, Taylor Romeo Castro Jr.

ORDUÑA — Oriana A. Orduña of Umatilla: a boy, Giovanni Adan Orduña.

OCT. 4, 2017

MABRY — Mary K. Mabry of Umatilla: a girl, Coraline Anne Katherine Mabry.

OCT. 5, 2017

SANCHEZ — Blanca Avina and Ramon Sanchez of Hermiston: a boy, Isaac Manuel Sanchez.

OCT. 8, 2017

PARIS — Alexia C. Paris and Jonathan A. Paris of Hermiston: a girl, Ripley Valene Paris.


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