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Lindsay Murdock | When you’re tired of hiding the mess

Published on August 26, 2018 2:36AM

Dear Kenmore,

Thank you for making some the best made appliances around. I don’t know what I’d do without the washing machine that greets almost all who enter our home, and I’m certain I can’t put a price on your worth.

I used to wish that the washing machine was not the first thing a person would see when they walked into our home, but I quickly gave up on that. The mess that surrounds our life is no secret. No door can be closed so that others won’t see. When you enter our home — that very first step in — you see everything. Well, maybe not everything, but close. You see dirt. You see mismatched tools, old spotlights, unmatched socks waiting to be found, boots, toy guns, laundry, and dust. You see a big part of our story.

There are catalogs where appliances shimmer and shine. I usually drool over those. In fact the Home Depot ad last week had a shiny LG washer that I almost taped up next to you. Almost, but didn’t. You are enough right now. You work well and you hold a giant part of our story. Oh, the stories you could tell of the things you’ve smelled, felt, and seen. You truly make us look good.

There are also catalogs that give a person ideas that what they have isn’t quite good enough — filled with pictures of perfect rooms with just the right amount of stuff ... and somehow, that stuff is matching and spotless.

Life isn’t spotless. Life isn’t without storms and mud and a bunch of stink. Don’t let the catalogs fool you. Don’t think what someone else has is better or that it makes life clean. It doesn’t. We all have stories of mud, and grime, and piles of stink, but we also have a story of a Savior that washes us as white as snow. The dirty brown and black is made fresh and new. He gets rid of all that you want to hide, and although it’s still there as part of your story, it’s been wiped clean.

In fact, our Savior is a lot like a washing machine — worth everything, but often used without recognition of what He can really do. Used, wanted, desired, but often forgotten until He’s the only thing left. It’s grace pulled on like a boot. It’s forgiveness covering us like a hood. It’s mercy, it’s hope, and it’s love. And it’s just like a washing machine. What was once unrecognizable and filled with filth is restored, made new, and brought back to life. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened. Put your filth in, and let the stink be covered with a fresh, desirable God. Don’t let the catalogs fool you that you don’t need Him. You do. We all do.

The mud, the wet, the cold, the piles of mismatched life ... our stories. They are what He’s given us. Our stories, our history, they are really HIS story.

Thank you Kenmore for being the first thing people see when they step into our story. Thank you for being the living proof that the things we often want to hide aren’t worth hiding. Thank you for doing your job day in and day out. Steady and strong, you are just like Jesus. I’m never going to look at you in the same way ever again. My eyes will only see what you can do and the promise you hold. They won’t worry about the stuff that isn’t catalog worthy. They can’t see God in the flesh, but they can see Him through you, and well ... I can’t think of anything or anyone better to remind me that I’m forgiven, washed clean, and new!

Here’s to a lot more mud, a lot more stories, and a lot more opportunities for others to step into our lives and see YOU first.

In appreciation for the work you do — every, single, day.


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