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BOOK REVIEW: Abandoned POWs focus of new book

Published on August 12, 2017 3:00AM

Last changed on August 14, 2017 8:04AM

Cover photo courtesy Molon Labe Books.

Cover photo courtesy Molon Labe Books.

When grief and paranoia collide, the result is devastating.

R. Cyril West, whose first book about missing servicemen, “The Thin Wall,” received the BRAG Medallion Award for fiction, has released the second novel in his POW/MIA series, “Some Never Forget,” about a man slowly being crushed under the weight of his belief that his son was forgotten and abandoned in Vietnam at the end of the war.

Walter Greene, a Korean War veteran, was proud when his son Tommy volunteered to serve in Vietnam. When Tommy first was listed as missing, then a prisoner of war, and then killed in action, Walter begins to believe the government isn’t telling them the truth about his son and the other soldiers who never made it home. In his determination to uncover the truth, he becomes more and more certain that someone is trying to stop him. And his family and friends grow concerned that the obsession has become something much worse as he becomes more erratic and paranoid.

West’s protagonist spirals from disgruntled veteran to psychotic conspiracy theorist as his proof piles up and shadowy strangers stalk his home on Baranof Island, Alaska. Does Walter really have informants feeding him secret documents about his son’s disappearance? Was a secret government cabal tasked with keeping him quiet? Or was it all in his head? A cliffhanger ending leaves the door open for a sequel.

“Some Never Forget,” by R. Cyril West. © 2017, Molon Labe Books.


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