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LIMEY PASTOR: A sorrowful week

Published on September 7, 2018 1:24PM

This has been a week of sorrow. A person very close to me attempted suicide and was saved by police who found them and smashed a car window to get them out. They are out of the hospital now with a medication that has temporarily altered the personality and it seems that another being has taken over their body temporarily. This has occupied much of my concern.

Then a lightning bolt of revelation of hit the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and many of the clergy there unmasked as deceivers and deviants. An investigation in the United States revealing at least 1,000 children molested by these counterfeit holy men (some 300) – leading many other states to now start the process of discovering the wolves in sheep’s clothing in their own parishes. It seems likely that this grand action could begin to erode the church in such a way that all of its structures could fall in reparations for the evil that men have done. I am certain that this crime is not just located in one denomination — it is a crime that takes advantage of secrecy and entrapment of promises. Let the purifying fire do its work.

As a demonic third act, the courts brought a damning set of indictments for Paul Manafort, the campaign chief for our new president, and for the attorney Michael Cohen. It appears both of these men, looking for the approval of lost fathers perhaps, are instruments for the distorted will of a modern Nero. Men of good will on both sides of the aisle are praying to our Heavenly Father for repentance and truth and that God’s love will begin to show up in this strange and disabling story of conscienceless passions.

Over the valleys of Oregon the stench of smoke has hung, as if Hades’ flames were licking at the edges. I pray for the continuing work of the holy people of Oregon by being close to their families, ignoring the arrogance of power, feeding the good and holy in their friends and protecting the welfare of the vulnerable.

I particularly give thanks for the politicians of Oregon, who seem genuinely committed to make the state as good as it can be. I sat down on the previous weekend and met in offices in the Salem and discussed problems of the elderly and the disabled and felt a genuine concern with our people was held by all.

May God protect our children, our politicians, our preachers and our people. May the Spirit of the Living Christ be abundant and alive fully in our beautiful state.


Colin Brown is the former pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Boardman. Contact him at colin.brown@usa.net.


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