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Days Gone By: Oct. 14-15, 2017

This day in local history for October 14-15.

Published on October 14, 2017 12:01AM

100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 14-15, 1917

With a margin of 31 1-2 points, Pendleton golfers won the intercity tournament held Saturday and Sunday on the local golf grounds. Pendleton’s total score was 538 against Walla Walla’s 506 1-2 and Baker’s 467 1-2. George A. Hartman was the individual star of the tournament, leading both in number of points scored for his team and in number of strokes. Clark Nelson of the Pendleton team was second in number of points while Brooke Dickson of the same team was second to Hartman in number of strokes. There were seven golfers from each city, making seven three-man teams. Seventy-two holes were played during the match, 36 each day. After the first day the personnel of the teams was rearranged according to the records made, the idea being to have the players as evenly matched as possible.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 14-15, 1967

A new chemical mace, Mark IV, lived up to its promises. On hand in Pendleton to see the gas at work were members of the Liquor Control Commission, the FBI and police officers. Unlike tear gas, Mark IV renders its victim immobile and incapable of harming an officer for about 15 minutes. There are no after-effects from the gas. Officer Barry Clift, hoisting a night stick, strode toward officer Wayne Moore. Moore opened up with his spray can and Clift stopped immediately. Looking more like an intoxicated man than a stone-sober policeman testing a new weapon, Clift tried to regain his forces and got his hands about as high as his waist, saying, “I think I could still hit him,” before his arms fell to his sides, his shoulders sagged and he stood helpless. “The gas apparently works on the nerves once it touches anywhere on the skin,” said Police Chief Ernest Gallaher.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Oct. 14-15, 1992

Repeated accounting problems — and an anonymous phone call — pointed co-owners Terry Herd and Andrea Thornburg of Rabbit Graphics in Pendleton to a problem. They’re losing money but didn’t know where it was going. After an arduous struggle with emotions and suspicions, the owners faced a shocking reality: one of their trusted employees was a thief, and money stolen from their register was adding up to thousands of dollars. The employee admitted to stealing less than $10,000 — in portions of about $35 — but the paper trail left behind suggests as much as $30,000 may have been taken the same way, Herd said. He said it will be years before the business recovers even that. Karri McKinstry has admitted to first-degree theft, and was ordered last week to pay back Rabbit Graphics a minimum of $35 each month.


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