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Days Gone By: Feb. 5-6, 2018

This day in local history for February 5-6.

Published on February 6, 2018 12:01AM

100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 5-6, 1918

For the purpose, it is said, of further organizing labor in this city and securing an affiliation of local unions with the Federation of Labor, a meeting of workingmen and women has been called for tomorrow evening in the Eagle-Woodman hall to meet E.J. Stack, one of the state organizers. The local carpenters and joiners unions have charge of the arrangements for the meeting, and have announced a dance in connection with it. A particular effort is to be made, it is said, to organize the laundry workers. Attempts in the past to organize these workers have failed. Still other branches of labor may be unionized as a result of the meeting and a council of the federation may be formed here.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 5-6, 1968

Rudy Rada, who is embarking for India in a few days, will be well prepared to meet any contingency, following the parties his friends arranged for him last week. For instance, Beryl Grilley, well versed in travel needs, presented Rudy with a pair of boxing gloves — “so in case you get to Vietnam you can come up fighting” — also an elegant bathing suit (female, circa 1900) for swimming in the maharajah’s pool. The party where the popular local school administrator received these valuables was given by Rose C. Moore, and that hostess was gowned in an Indian sari for the occasion. She also provided a peacock feather fan to wave over the guest of honor — all to get him into the proper perspective for his six-week stay in India.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Feb. 5-6, 1993

Business is booming at Hermiston Municipal Court, which reopened about a year and a half ago. But Judge Dan Hill stresses that it’s justice, not volume, that counts. The part-time court handled 3,330 cases last year and 212 cases from the start of the year through the middle of this week. The court handles most violations committed in the city, ranging from traffic tickets to misdemeanors to ordinance violations. The City Council closed the municipal court in early 1990 due to budget restraints and concerns about its operation.


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