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OUR VIEW: Tip of the hat, kick in the pants
OUR VIEW: Tip of the hat, kick in the pants

A tip of the hat to the class of 2017, and particularly the hundreds of students in our communities who will accept their diplomas in the coming weeks.

For the last 13 years these students have been enrolled in our schools, learning both the...

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Our view: Growing pains hit Hermiston

Hermiston hit a rough patch this week, as growing pains caught up to Eastern Oregon’s largest city with the defeat of a $104 million school bond.

It came as a shock to many in the city and school district, where bonds had been in the...

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A kick in the pants to the three out of every four eligible voters who failed to return their ballots to be counted in Tuesday’s election.

In Umatilla County, only 26.3 percent of those registered participated in the...

Other views: Malware attack an indirect public service announcement

The particularly nasty computer program dubbed “WannaCry” that attacked hospitals, businesses and government agencies around the world this past weekend was like a cybercrime highlight reel, a compilation of by-now familiar elements...

Our view: They’re coming to Umatilla County

It may be arriving in fits and starts, but after a long and unusually frigid winter, summer is nearly here.

It’s just what Pendleton needs. Tourism isn’t strictly a fair-weather business, but around these parts the clear skies and...

Other views: Republicans in Congress grow weary of Trump’s reality show

Admitting you were wrong is hard for anyone.

It’s hard for Republican leaders, who five months into the Trump administration have grown weary of the almost daily messes he creates.

It’s becoming harder for the 90 percent of...

Our view: Ready for the big one (or a little one)

There is a gambler’s chance that in the next half century the Pacific Northwest will suffer the largest-scale natural disaster in North American history.

Scientists put the odds between 20-30 percent that the “big one” will...

Other views: Can Oregon pass a transportation package?

Lawmakers hashing out the details of a massive transportation package are divided over how large it should be, and whether voters would accept the tax increases necessary to pay for it. Taxes are never an easy sell, but if shippers, business interests...

Editorial: Beach Bill anniversary is a reminder for stewardship
Editorial: Beach Bill anniversary is a reminder for stewardship
Stunt raised support for public access
Wattenburger: What we owe our mothers

Mother’s Day brings with it a strange twist of irony that is downright frustrating for us children.

The very nature of a mother — a selfless giver of life and love — repels the notion of repayment. In the process of giving...

Our view: Beating back the recession in rural Oregon

The Great Recession was a decade ago, yet many rural areas of Oregon are still feeling the sting.

And even worse, demographics and a changing global economy may mean that things will get worse before they get better.

These are at least two...

Other views: Is a gross receipts tax in Oregon’s future?

The governor and Legislature are battling on two fronts to balance the state budget for the next biennium. On the first, the government has no choice but to curb spending.

The Oregon Constitution requires the state to balance its budget ever two...

Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to the dedicated, caring and inspiring teachers in our local school districts.

This is teacher appreciation week in the United States and a good chance to offer our gratitude for the time spent educating and...

Other views: Suicide bill aims at wrong target

We agree with members of Oregon’s Legislature who want to reduce the state’s suicide rate. Indeed, does anybody not share that goal?

But we disagree that a law — and in particular the constitutionally shaky bill that the...

Our view: Trump and Nixon

Donald Trump has always been a little Nixonian.

They share an affinity for authoritative leadership, the habit of continually attacking the press and rivals both in their party and outside of it, reliance on a small and always shrinking circle...

Our view: Pendleton schools at a precipice

A decade ago, the graduating classes of Pendleton and Hermiston high schools were nearly equal in size. But this June, when the Class of 2017 earns their diplomas, twice as many hats will be thrown in the air in Hermiston compared to their neighbors...

OUR VIEW: Congress shouldn’t let Trump silence public broadcasting
Funding shouldn’t be eliminated
OUR VIEW: ‘Imminent risk’ bill puts family in control, not without flaws

The state Senate bill that allows removing guns from people deemed threatening to themselves or others certainly has good intentions, but brings with it some very real problems legislators should recognize.

If passed by the House and signed by...

Our view: Umatilla a jewel worth deep cleaning

The city of Umatilla’s government has undergone significant change in the last year, putting it at a fork in the river.

Back in 2016, city council ushered its city manager to an early retirement. They named then-public works head Russ...

Our view: Difficult decisions await legislators on education issues
Voters’ mandates are at odds with budget realities
Perdue is welcome, but is late to the party
Perdue is welcome, but is late to the party
We would like to see the president move more quickly on issues vital to U.S. agriculture. Filling the vacancies at the USDA and making progress on trade would be good first steps.
Collection of reader thoughts: 100 words on Trump’s first 100 days
Collection of reader thoughts: 100 words on Trump’s first 100 days

I was overjoyed with the win by Donald Trump, as I had predicted it a few months before he entered the race. I felt like we needed something new and so far I have not been disappointed. I was a registered Democrat and changed to an Independent. I am...

Our view: May 217 election primer

In your mailbox, stuffed in between the bills, you should have noticed your elections ballot.

It arrived this week for most Umatilla County residents, many of whom will have important issues to decide on or before Election Day, May 16.

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to Hermiston’s downtown, soon to undergo a massive makeover that we believe is for the better.

If there’s one thing Eastern Oregon’s largest (and fastest growing) town needs, it’s a central hub.