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Our view: How high will anti-Trump wave reach?

As we publish this, some polls show a Democratic candidate ahead by 12 points in an Alabama Senate race. Yes, that Alabama.

Sure, it’s hard to imagine a worse Republican candidate — Roy Moore is a well-documented sexual...

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Our view: Control your guns

Perhaps no stories are more difficult to write and read than those about young children harmed through no fault of their own.

Sometimes this is due to health issues, other times accidents or crimes. No matter the cause, it’s excruciating...

Other views: Country control over federal lands
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Our view: Poaching punishment

This hunting season, plenty of deer and elk have been harvested from the fertile mountains of Eastern Oregon.

Many of them were taken legally. But too many were not.

Poaching has been a problem since the first king laid down the first...

Other views: Bring your gun to church
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OUR VIEW: Governor’s energy orders set unrealistic standards
Building regulations would be onerous for private business
Our view: Tips and kicks

A kick in the pants to the continuous stream of bad news and wasted tax dollars emanating from the Oregon Health Authority.

The state program has an annual budget of $10 billion per year — and not all that money is going to provide...

Other views: National park fees rising too quickly
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Our view: Tax debate requires a sharp eye

It’s hard to cover the machinations of Washington, D.C., from the friendly wide open spaces of Eastern Oregon. It’s doubly hard when the issue being discussed in the Capitol is the American tax code, a mess so complicated that most...

OUR VIEW: Looking for leadership, not more excuses

Bad news keeps rolling out from the Oregon Health Authority. But instead of taking responsibility, Gov. Kate Brown not only ducked it but also tried to spin it as positive news.

The issue is that OHA paid too much to regional health-care...

Other views: Aggressive plan needed to tackle harmful pollutants

At a time when attention is being paid to the devastating effects pollution has worldwide — killing more people every year than all war and violence, a major study recently revealed — the U.S. may be dialing back its pollution...

OUR VIEW: We need solutions, not possibilities

The best idea to come from Gov. Kate Brown’s PERS task force was creating a matching fund to help schools and local government pay for their pension liabilities.

The Oregon Public Employees Retirement System serves some 900 public...

Our view: Emergency scanners a critical tool for public

Police scanners have been the background noise in newsrooms as long as the technology has been available. And journalists have long been tasked having one ear tuned to them, speeding out the door as soon as the fire department is dispatched to a blaze...

Other views: Terror by the ton

Imagine the scene along Chicago’s lakefront path on a typical weekday afternoon. Cyclists cruising in both directions, past runners and darting children just released from school.

Now imagine a rental pickup truck barreling down the path,...

Our view: An ode and elegy to newspaper carriers
Our view: An ode and elegy to newspaper carriers

Newspaper carriers have been delivering in Umatilla County longer than electric light has been around. Beginning in the 1880s, the East Oregonian contracted people to deliver our product around Pendleton when the city was first platted, and...

Other views: Harassment much too common in halls of power

The allegations of sexual harassment in the Oregon Capitol are disturbing, though not surprising.

Sexual harassment occurs in too many workplaces, and capitols seem a prime breeding ground because of the inherent power imbalance. Victims of...

Other views: National leadership needed for the opioid crisis
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Our view: Responsible steps needed to restore health care predictability
There are so many changes and uncertainties, it’s hard to keep straight what to do, what will be covered and what it will cost
Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the helmet to the end of an era.

For nearly a century, the Buckaroos and Bulldogs have met up on the football field each fall, playing for county pride in the great American high school pastime.

As the East...

Our view: What doesn’t work for Portland doesn’t get done

Northwest Umatilla County is a bustling place filled with farms and food processors, fast-growing cities and industrial development.

That growth requires labor, and lots of it. Hermiston and Boardman have more jobs than residents and housing...

Other views: Not all children have equal opportunity to succeed

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that children of color and children in immigrant families face significantly higher barriers to success than children from white, non-immigrant families.

About 57 percent of children from...

Our view: Contested races key to well-functioning county government

Umatilla County’s three commissioners are among the most important elected positions in northeast Oregon. They are the main tools local voters have to help shape and direct how our communities will look and operate in the future.


Other views: Colorado’s intriguing tale of two drugs
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Our view: When online, real worlds collide

The internet troll, once an anonymous denizen of message boards and chat rooms who held little sway in the real world, has come into the light with the prevalence and power of social media.

We used to be able to dismiss his presence as the ugly...