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Maiocco: Hermiston schools committed to all students
Maiocco: Hermiston schools committed to all students

I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to providing all of our students and families with a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment that is free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination. We will not...

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Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A kick in the pants to the plan to sell the Elliott State Forest.

This is a bad idea — an idea that even Governor Kate Brown, who first came up with it — now opposes. Brown this month voted against that plan to sell the forest to a...

Our view: Where there’s a ways, there’s a means

Last week Hermiston hosted the powerful Joint Ways and Means Committee, which is responsible for crafting budget policy for the state of Oregon.

These are the kinds of meetings that happen throughout the legislative session, in corridors all...

Other views: Sound the alarm on higher education funding

Oregon’s dominant Democrats have been sounding the alarm about the future of K-12 school funding since Nov. 8.

On that day, their widely ballyhooed revenue plan died at the hands of voters, who saw it for what it was — an attempt...

OUR VIEW: On Presidents Day, we celebrate the good ones
OUR VIEW: On Presidents Day, we celebrate the good ones

Presidential biographers will tell you there are flaws in all of their subjects. But at certain moments, when the chips were down — such as the nation’s birth, the Civil War, World War II — the right leader showed up to meet an...

Our view: OSAA should imagine there’s no borders

Each time the Oregon School Activities Association looks to reclassify the state’s schools, Eastern Oregon has the most at stake.

Our schools are spread out under big skies, split apart by wheat fields and mountain ranges. Where the...

Our view: Tips and kicks

As Thursday’s editorial “How best to spend $397,000” was being written, Umatilla County Commissioners were meeting with members of the Umatilla Special Transportation Advisory Committee and citizens who were concerned with the...

Our view: A plan for transportation funds

Last week, this newspaper reported on a meeting of the Umatilla Special Transportation Advisory Committee.

It’s not often that the actions of such volunteer committees make the front page of the East Oregonian, but this one did.

Other views: A nonpartisan secretary of state

Dennis Richardson, Oregon’s secretary of state, wants the Legislature to make his office a nonpartisan one. There are good reasons for making the shift.

The Secretary of State’s Office is part of the executive branch of Oregon...

Our view: Pre-emption of local GMO regulations must remain
Our view: Pre-emption of local GMO regulations must remain
We are against 36 separate regulatory schemes — one for each county — for GMOs.
Other views: Civil forfeiture laws need reform

When President Donald Trump recently offered to “ruin the career” of the Texas lawmaker pushing civil forfeiture reform, the ensuing political maelstrom made headlines for days. But far more important than the president’s remarks,...

Our view: Congress must act to fix immigration laws
Only Congress can change the law. And it’s time it did.
Other views: The feasibility of making PERS changes

There was a promising sign last week out of Salem as the Legislature settled down to work: Lawmakers appear to be serious this session about trying to find money-saving options to the state’s troubled public-pension system.

PERS issues...

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A kick in the pants to Pendleton School District for sending out a survey that included unworkable choices, confusing the public on what options were available for making up classroom hours missed due to weather.

Gathering feedback from the...

Our view: How to have a conversation with your congressman

Members of Congress are hearing from their constituents in record numbers as controversial cabinet members and executive orders blast through Washington and out into Oregon and the world at large.

Some voters want their representatives to resist...

Our view: Before any tax increase, ODOT must restore trust

Those who proclaim government agencies should be run like businesses are, in some ways, wrong.

A case in point: If government services and infrastructure were awarded to low-population areas in proportion to the income they produce, large swaths...

Our view: Oregon takes responsible risk by defying Trump’s immigration order

From agriculture to medicine to technology, Oregon thrives on the work of immigrants.

Caught between state law and Trump administration policy, Gov. Kate Brown has acted responsibly by upholding Oregon as a place that “embraces,...

Our view: Development dollars shouldn’t be squandered

Umatilla County has taken its economic development fund in a new direction, a welcome change after decades of under-the-radar and ineffective economic development that lacked a clear focus.

This year the county received about $300,000 of state...

Other views: Free press is essential to liberty

A free and fearless press is essential to preserving our liberties. This is especially true in the face of an increasingly powerful government, with unprecedented technology at its disposal for spying on and punishing its political enemies.


Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to the distinguished citizens from Hermiston and Pendleton, and dozens of other smaller cities in the region, who were celebrated recently at awards banquets in their respective towns.

Firefighters and librarians, mothers and...

Other views: Clean Fuels Program will affect transportation deal

Will Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program throw a wrench yet again into the Legislature’s ability to approve a transportation package?

That’s how it played out during the 2015 session, when attempts to approve a transportation deal...

Wattenburger: Conservative questions for the new president

Forgive those of us still reeling in the aftermath of inauguration day, unsure what to make of the beginning of Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

I don’t mean Democrats, understandably shaken by the turn of events in which an...

Other views: State budget is $1.8 billion short

Baseball, football and basketball fans should be familiar with the game, “You Make the Call.”

It’s where armchair athletes second-guess rulings made by umpires, officials and referees.

In February, Oregon’s...

Our view: Bipartisan pushback on Trump

It has only been 10 days since Donald Trump has been president, but it feels like a century.

A majority of our readership voted for the man, hoping he could fix a broken political system. But by now it is clear that Trump plans to destroy that...