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Our view: Trump, timber and trade

Many Americans in extractive industries, and in the regions dependent on them, voted for Donald Trump. These regions — whether in Appalachia or Southern Oregon — are among the poorest in the country, and have the worst government...

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Our view: Keeping up with runaway enrollment

At first blush, it doesn’t make sense for a school district dealing with exceptional growth to tear down two schools.

That was our first thought about the $104 million bond the Hermiston School District is floating on May 16. The district...

Our view: The right to work in Oregon

When is Oregon government going to make jobs a priority?

The Legislature seems intent on making it harder to create and keep jobs. It’s looking at meddling in scheduling for businesses. It’s looking at new taxes on businesses. And...

100 words for 100 days of Trump
100 words for 100 days of Trump

Saturday, April 29 marks 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

To mark the occasion, we’re asking readers to submit 100 words on the president’s first 100 days. Whether it’s about the man, his policies, his approach...

Our view: Conferring on the conference center

For years, the plan for what to do with the Hermiston Conference Center has been left simmering on the back burner. Now it’s boiling over.

As the new Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center was built south of town, the fate of the...

Our view: A growing north county

Change is coming to northern Umatilla and Morrow counties, as once dry and dusty scrub-land abutting the Columbia River is becoming some of the most valuable and productive land in the region.

Just last week, Umatilla County commissioners...

Other views: Limiting the use of antibiotics

The tenacity and adaptability of life guarantees that the world’s arsenal of antibiotic drugs will be depleted one day. All that can be done is to reserve antibiotics for their highest priority uses — uses that do not include protecting...

Now’s the time to limit the Antiquities Act
The restrictions that can be placed on ranchers and timbermen throughout the West by these declarations require congressional oversight.
Our view: New fire station shores up one problem in Pendleton

A little over two years ago, this editorial board was not inclined to support a new fire station in Pendleton.

We knew that Fire Station 1, located on Southeast Court Ave., was far from ideal. But the city of Pendleton and its fire and ambulance...

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to area emergency dispatchers, in this National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

We spotlighted a few of those dispatchers earlier this week in this newspaper. Their jobs are difficult, and the lives of Umatilla County...

Our view: Still staking out middle ground on wolves

Wolves are never far from the minds of Oregonians, and never far from our front pages.

Re-establishing a predator that had been absent from the state for a century has been a continual process with plenty of ups and downs. Many of us have come...

Our view: Conference center has community heart

The citizens of Hermiston dug into their own pockets and willingly gave more than $600,000 of their own money to help renovate a hulking, vacant downtown building once home to a grocery store.

It was an excellent use of funds — the money...

Our view: Trump ag budget cuts just the beginning of the story
Our view: Trump ag budget cuts just the beginning of the story
The Constitution gives the president absolutely no authority over producing the budget.
Bruni: What happened to who?

I first noticed it during the 2016 Republican presidential debates, which were crazy-making for so many reasons that I’m not sure how I zeroed in on this one. “Who” was being exiled from its rightful habitat. It was a...

Our view: Love your city and its people

On Saturday, Hermiston residents will turn out for a citywide cleanup and goodwill tour — the next step in the “I Love My City” campaign that rose from the ashes of tragedy.

And there are few things as immediately...

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to the clever solution proposed to keep open the Oregon State Police crime lab in Pendleton.

The lab — the only of its kind in Eastern Oregon — has found itself on the chopping block...

OUR VIEW: Online privacy takes a hit from Congress
Bill overturns a consumer protection rule
OUR VIEW: Standing up to public records bullies

This was supposed to be an age of transparency. The nexus of education, democracy and technology should be creating an environment in which public information is widely available to everyone.

But the world seems to be getting more opaque. As...

OUR VIEW: The curious case of the sacked EQC board

In a move that defies both logic and comprehension, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown abruptly fired three members of the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission.

This is the latest episode of the governor’s meddling in the business of a supposedly...

Our view: Tip of the hat, kick in the pants

A tip of the hat to the volunteers who spent a rainy afternoon this week picking up other people’s trash.

It’s no secret that Umatilla County has its share of illegal dump sites. The area on Theater Lane in Hermiston had become...

Our view: Richardson at his best when focused on accountability

When Oregonians elected their first Republican to a statewide office in nearly two decades, they were looking for accountability.

Frustrated by the hundreds of millions of dollars squandered on failed projects like Cover Oregon and the Columbia...