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Our view: The drama of politics

We don’t often comment on national news in this space. We’re a long way from Washington, and what happens there often doesn’t trickle out our way for many moons.

But it’s a fascinating to spy on the beltway every once...

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Our view: Elections are term limits

Oregon voters may have the opportunity to place term limits on Oregon legislators when they vote in 2018.

The proposal by former Republican candidate for governor Bud Pierce would prohibit state legislators from serving for more than eight years...

Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat, and a pleasant ride off into history for Pendleton’s Pioneer Ladies Club.

The venerable social club — which for generations was made up of women with ties to the initial European pioneers of the county —...

Other views: A glimmer of hope in opioid battle

New federal statistics released this month show, at long last, a glimmer of hope in the nation’s battle against opioid addiction. But this latest news, while welcome, does not change the fact that we still face a long battle with the addiction...

Other views: Important jobs, few candidates
Summary of recent West Virginia newspaper editorials
Our view: Rangeland fire protection associations have value

Nearly every summer, ranchers are forced to risk their lives to rescue their cattle as wildfires approach.

When they offer to help state and federal firefighters by plowing fire lines, the offers are often refused.

In some instances, fire...

Our view: Stopping sex trafficking

The recent large-scale police sting at an apartment in Richland opened a lot of eyes and surprised a lot of people. It was one piece of the horrific sex trafficking underground brought into the daylight.

Following ads and messages placed by...

Other views: Tax referendum offers chance to debate health funding

Among the budget-balancing efforts approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislature and signed by the governor is House Bill 2391, which raises some $605 million to keep the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) whole while balancing the state budget.

The law,...

WOTUS rejection a victory for landowners
Farmers, ranchers and regulators need clear, unambiguous guidance on the true extent and limit of the government’s authority.
Our view: Tip of the hat, kick in the pants

A tip of the hat to the quick-thinking teenagers who doused a porch fire in Ukiah before it spread to the attached house.

The Umatilla and Union county teens, Ben Combs, Austin Kendall, Tovias Niel, Quinton Orr, Khai Robertson and Colton Schock,...

Our view: Legislators left Salem with unfinished business
Pension and tax reform need to be addressed
Other views: State justice system needs balancing

When somebody has a day in court, it should be a fair fight. But in Oregon, if the accused can’t afford a lawyer, there’s reason to worry.

The pay disparity between court-appointed indigent defense lawyers and the people who...

Other views: The dangers of leaving children alone in cars

You may have seen prints of “The Scream.” It’s kind of unforgettable, those compositions of modern art by Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch. The artwork displays a wavering human being with open mouth, wide eyes, hands placed...

Our view: When a principled politician hurts their district

Greg Smith and Greg Barreto are both representatives in the Oregon House. They occupy neighboring districts and are both Republicans. They even share a first name.

But the similarities end there when it comes to their work on the massive Oregon...

Our view: Popularity taking toll on state’s wilderness areas

Oregonians are rightfully proud of the stunning scenic beauty of their state and are accustomed to striking out to experience it whenever they wish, backpacking into pristine wilderness areas at a moment’s notice.

But some of the more...

Our view: Two men enter, one tax plan leaves

This is how to put Oregon schools and state government on a path to stable, sustainable funding: Stick Ontario Republican Cliff Bentz and Beaverton Democrat Mark Hass in a room and give them the task of developing a fair tax plan for the...

Our view: Health care takes all hands on deck

Health care has been top of the American mind for decades, as the price of medical care in the country has skyrocketed and outcomes here fell well behind other first-world countries.

Little progress has been made. Entrenched interests —...

Other view: State rep wrong to pursue tax overturn

Rep. Julie Parrish had a good idea in April, when she proposed shifting state employees’ health care into coordinated care organizations, potentially saving the state up to $1 billion. Now, she’s pushing a bad idea: filing a referendum...

Our view: Tips and kicks
Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to the Beach Bill, which turned 50 Thursday.

The bill was passed on July 6, 1967, and it guaranteed free unrestricted access to Oregon’s public beaches. It has helped shape the modern Oregon character and...

Other views: Public remains in the dark on Medicaid cuts
Summary of recent Mississippi newspaper editorials
Our view: Support their stories
Our view: Support their stories

Lip service is easy, especially for popular causes.

For the past 40 years or so, since the days of misdirected anger toward our veterans coming home from the Vietnam War, our country has gladly rallied around the mantra “Support Our...

Letter: Oregon lacks foster homes for abused and neglected children

When state officials couldn’t find foster homes for the abused and neglected children in their care, they stuck them on cots in state offices or in hotels for nights on end.

Their caregivers weren’t always certified and rotated...

Our view: Federal law makes hemp a risky crop
Our view: Federal law makes hemp a risky crop
Despite state laws that “legalize” marijuana and hemp, cannabis of all stripes remains illegal under the federal controlled substances act.
Other views: Internet access crucial for rural areas

More than 80 years ago, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued an executive order called the Rural Electrification and Telephone Service Act of 1936. It provided federal loans to bring utilities to expensive-to-serve and hard-to-reach rural...

Our View: A declaration with purpose
Our View: A declaration with purpose

We didn’t stumble accidentally or coincidentally into freedom. We didn’t simply awaken from a nightmare of tyranny into the daylight of democracy. The United States of America wasn’t a granted gift or a fortuitous...

Our view: Stay safe this Fourth

Although this Fourth of July will be greener and wetter than most in Eastern Oregon’s recent history, it is still a dangerous time to be setting flame to flammable objects and then sending them to burst in the sky in a shower of sparks and...

Other views: The fallout from minimum wage increases

A University of Washington study of the fallout from Seattle’s sharp increase in the minimum wage may have grim implications for the big increases now being phased in in California.

From 2014 to this year, Seattle raised its minimum wage...

Other views: What’s wrong with Democrats?

The Democratic Party is a study in frustration — at Donald Trump, at the public’s unwillingness to see problems they consider unmistakable, and to make matters worse, at themselves.

Central to their internal angst is House Minority...

Our view: Tips and kicks

A tip of the hat to Kathleen Mollinedo, the 13-year-old girl who spent a night lost in the woods near Tollgate, and the Umatilla County Search and Rescue team for bringing her back safely.

Mollinedo deserves a tip for her...

Other views: Bipartisan work the only way to improve health care

Two things are easy for everyone to agree on: Obamacare was a noble idea that isn’t working, and what Republicans are pitching as a replacement is far worse than Obamacare.

Beside those certainties, American health care reform is...

Our view: Oregon needs sunshine committee

As a disappointing legislative session comes to a close, you can lament a lot of missed opportunities: Tax reform didn’t get done. PERS reform never got off the ground. The education budget survived disastrous cuts but didn’t take the...