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Our view: Tips and kicks

Published on November 30, 2017 8:46PM

A tip of the hat to the good work at Pendleton Animal Welfare Service, which was inundated this week with hoarded, and thereby neglected, dogs from a Hermiston-area home.

While most people have a certain affinity for pets, that love can sometimes end at their own animals. Taking care of high-need animals, especially some who may have been neglected or abused, is a daunting task that requires not only a special interest but a lot of time and energy.

With so much human suffering in our community and worldwide, it can be difficult to fit in care and compassion for our brothers and sisters throughout the animal kingdom.

If the decision comes down to where to give a $100 donation, it can be hard to justify dropping the cash in the jar for animals instead of one for needy humans.

We’d suggest that it’s not an either-or test. Take $90, or even $95, of that donation and put it toward a cause that helps people, and save a little bit for PAWS or another place like it to maintain a space that provides a vital service for this area.

You can make direct donations of cash or animal care items, give to the thrift shop, sign up for Amazon Smile, even drop off bottles and cans. And if you’re considering bringing a new pet into your home this Christmas, check with PAWS or another shelter in the region to see if they have one that’s right for your family.


A tip of the hat to Good Shepherd Medical Center for cutting the ribbon this week on a new $10 million Women’s Center in Hermiston.

Bringing specialized health care to Eastern Oregon is a worthy goal, and women’s health is a great place to invest.

One of the ways this center will help is offering treatment and care during high-risk pregnancies, while adding more midwives and nurse practitioners. Hermiston is a young community and growing, making the need for prenatal care obvious. And being able to draw high-level physicians is key to providing that service.


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