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Our view: Tips and kicks

Published on December 7, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on December 7, 2017 9:44PM

A tip of the hat to the Pendleton Round-Up for taking home their third straight award for best large outdoor rodeo from the PRCA.

The rodeo won the award five times, include their centennial year of 2010. This year they defeated four other finalists in the category from Cheyenne, Wyo., Dodge City, Kansas, Ogden, Utah, and Caldwell, Idaho.

And numerous folks with Round-Up connections also brought in awards — including pickup man Gary Rempel, bullfighter Dusty Tuckness, clown Justin Rumford and performer Bobby Kerr.

As the rodeo elite mingle and compete down in Las Vegas, it’s good to know Pendleton is holding its own and winning awards that increase its reach and presence on the regional and national stage.


A kick in the pants to lazy recyclers, who are putting all of us at risk by not adequately cleaning or sorting what they throw in a transfer station or a recycling bin.

You know ‘em. Maybe you are one. We admit we’re not perfect — sometimes not fully scrubbing out that glass jar or just wishfully hoping our refuse could be recycled, instead of giving the sanitary company exactly what it asks for.

We have to do better. The American recycling industry is changing — much of what we saved from landfills had been sent to China on razor-thin profit margins. But that’s no longer penciling out, and it certainly doesn’t pencil if the valuable, recyclable materials are mixed in with no-way-around-it trash.

And sometimes that means the do-gooders among us, who don’t want to put something in the trash that we think could or should be recycled, have to suck it up and throw it away. If your local sanitary service says no, it means no. By throwing in unwelcome materials, you’re making it more likely that the good stuff will have to be tossed on account of the bad.


And a tip of the hat to the Blue Mountain Community College basketball team, who helped push and jumpstart a stalled vehicle, earning gratitude for doing so.

BMCC basketball coach Osa Esene noticed Bryan Cummings about 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning leaning against his stalled truck on Highway 37. Esene was headed to the college where his team would board a bus and drive to Clackamas Community College for a game later in the day.

Esene stuck his head out of his car window and asked if the man needed help pushing the truck around the corner to a better spot. Cummings, who posted on Pendleton Classifieds later that morning, wrote “I let him know that two of us were not going to push it up that incline. So he said he would be right back with his team.”

Osene drove to the school and directed his players to head down to help Cummings. Nine of them jumped from a string of cars and offered assistance. One of the players had jumper cables and soon Cummings was on his way.

In his message Cummings wrote that “My hat is off to you guys. Thanks so much for the assist. Kids to be proud of.”


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