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East Oregonian’s best read letters of 2017

Published on December 29, 2017 11:09AM

Last changed on December 29, 2017 2:43PM

Here are our best read letters of 2017, along with a line summarizing the writer’s thoughts:

1. “Lybrand should be behind bars,” April 7, by Carlin Sacco

“We are disgusted that our own personal lives are micromanaged at every level — yet the public is expected to sympathize with a major drug dealer who gets off without the appropriate punishment meant to deter such activity?”

2. “Cheerleaders don’t lose basketball games,” June 22, by Art Derbyshire

“As a player, when do you have time to watch the cheerleaders while playing? ... I feel the (Stanfield School District) administrators could have handled this more professionally and with less drama and more thoughtfulness.”

3. “EO Media Group looks foolish, silly on EOTEC,” Aug. 15, by George Anderson

“With the amazing facilities and great 2017 fair and rodeo, the EO was foolish. And now, just while the 2017 fair and rodeo are a rousing success, it whimpers about this stout steel and aluminum giant deteriorating and its future being dim.”

4. “God chose Trump — an answer to a prayer,” May 16, by Stuart Dick

“A third reason for Trump’s electoral win, probably the deciding factor, was his extensive support from Christian voters.”

5. “Racism a part of daily life for people of color in Eastern Oregon,” June 8, by Celina Taylor

“I am thankful for our community and its uniqueness; this being said I ask you to please trust me and follow along while I tell you how I have been victim to your exploitative ways, and urge you to transform them.”

6. “Morrow County administrators failed to act on misconduct,” March 7 by Stuart Dick

“Instead of honestly investigating the report of sexual grooming and taking appropriate action, the Irrigon and district administration chose to cover for Coach (Jake) McElligott.”

7. “Pendleton fire station too big for a small town,” May 9, by Kelly Temple

“I have no doubt Pendleton needs to update their fire facilities, but it appears you are paying for a Mercedes on a Ford pickup truck budget.”

8. “Drug court saved my life,” March 24, by Michelle DeBord

“The drug court team assisted me in finding a new way to cope with loss, pain, and how to stay clean through individual counseling and groups ... If we take away such a vital program and have nothing to replace it, what then?”

9. “No easy solution for Milton-Freewater mobile home park,” February 23, by Ed Chesnut

“Why should steadfast refusal to meet health and safety regulations lead to someone else (federal government) paying to solve the problem?”

10. “Kudos to decision to keep Confederate flag off Main,” Sept. 12, by Scott Little

“Despite revisionist attempts to frame the Civil War as a battle over states’ rights, it was always about the “right” of the Confederate States to own slaves. Without the issue of slavery, there would have been no secession movement and no Civil War.”


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