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Letter: Morrow County school administrators failed to act on misconduct

Published on March 7, 2017 2:52PM

Morrow County Supt. Dirk Dirksen contends his administration “stays alert and asks people to report it” (behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct). In the case of Jake McElligott, the Irrigon High School administration and Supt. Dirksen had the mandatory report of sexual grooming two years before Mr. McElligott left Irrigon High School. Instead of honestly investigating the report of sexual grooming and taking appropriate action, the Irrigon and district administration chose to cover for Coach McElligott.

Had the Irrigon principal, Craig Bensen, athletic director Blaine Ganvoa and Supt. Dirk Dirksen responded with integrity and the professionalism expected from the authority entrusted in them, this tragedy would never have happened. Our youth must be protected.

I am not making excuses for Jake McElligott, but had the administration done their job this heartache would never have happened, the girls would not have been taken advantage of and a large portion of the high student body would not have had their moral values compromised.

Stuart Dick



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