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Letter: Alcohol is the most abused drug

Published on April 20, 2017 3:20PM

I read with great interest the article “Alcohol industry jobs outpace software sector” in the March 14 edition of the East Oregonian newspaper. Senior state economist Josh Lehner is quoted as saying, “Alcohol production is a value-added industry with a geographic spread across the state impacting agricultural production, equipment manufacturing and marketing services.”

He has that right, but no mention was made of the other entities impacted by the production of alcohol. As I see it, there are plenty of other jobs added due to alcohol: police (just check the public safety log in the same paper).

After the police, how about the jail, bail bonds, then the lawyers, court employees, car insurance companies, body shops, hospital emergency rooms and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Not to mention, the counseling services and rehab facilities and different lawyers for the possible divorces.

Plenty of jobs abound thanks to the alcohol industry.

If just 5 cents was added to each container of alcohol sold in the state, the state wouldn’t be in such a deficit. Imagine how much is spent on alcohol every day in Oregon and then imagine the income the state would realize.

One last thought: Everyone was afraid of marijuana until they realized the tax dollars it would generate. Hands down, alcohol is the most abused drug there is, and it is legal.

Sandy Ott



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