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Letter: God chose Trump — an answer to prayer — to lead country

Published on May 16, 2017 3:35PM

I am disappointed that several months after the presidential election, a number of East Oregonian columnists are still attacking Donald Trump and trying to discredit his presidency. This constant ranting continues to emphasize their own misunderstanding of national issues and lack of appreciation toward voters who made conservative electoral choices.

Although most of the national media seem to remain galvanized in their hostility toward the president, they might do well to consider some of the reasons for his success in spite of their fierce opposition, which may itself have contributed to the success. If this is the case, I do not think that continual reiteration of the same tiresome charges is in their favor.

But though media persecution of Trump may have helped his vote total to some extent, there were more positive reasons for his success with voters. For some time government has seemed detached from the ordinary citizen, and potential voters have felt alienated from candidates who do not share their concerns. Along came Trump with numerous issues that appealed to a large portion of the electorate — issues such as jobs, national security, immigration, and health care — and suddenly the voters felt enfranchised. Their confidence has been rewarded with an attempt by the new administration to enact meaningful changes quickly, even though hindered by constant political opposition.

A third reason for Trump’s electoral win, probably the deciding factor, was his extensive support from Christian voters. Appalled by the erosion of religious freedom, evangelical Christians especially turned out for Trump in large numbers. The key issue was an attempt to secure conservative Supreme Court justices, seen as a vital element in preserving religious freedom as a bastion against constantly encroaching national secularization; the fact that a position was currently open added to the urgency of the situation. Much time was given to prayer for election outcomes. I, for one, spent hours praying both Monday and Tuesday of election week for large conservative voter turnout, especially in so-called battleground states.

The Bible declares in Romans 13 that rulers are ordained by God. This does not mean that God always approves of what they do, but he uses them in accomplishing his purpose in history. Those who oppose God’s purpose do so to their own peril. Perhaps President Trump, like Queen Esther of old, came to his position “for such a time as this.”

Ron Ingle



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