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Letter: Cheerleaders don’t lose basketball games

Published on June 22, 2017 12:14PM

Last changed on June 22, 2017 8:01PM

How can cheerleaders cause a sports team to lose a game? (Coach resigns after parents blame cheerleaders for loss, page A3 in June 21 EO) Maybe get a technical or two and then your team loses. In football, (Stanfield) lost 57-14 in the finals. The coach of the winning team commented that when Stanfield beat them by a touchdown early in the season, and when they played them in the finals, Stanfield did not get any better.

Parents make excuses to not blame the coaches and players. What’s wrong with saying we got beat by a better team and not make up any excuses?

The basketball finals score was 57-54, the Downey brothers from Santiam scored 54 of their 57 points. We have gloated on (our team) all season and when they lost we make up a reason why: Cheerleaders made them lose.

Did the cheerleaders play varsity football or basketball on the boy’s team? No. What’s wrong with saying we got beat by a better team and not make up any excuses?

How many of us have played basketball and football and while playing ever knew what the cheerleaders were doing? Zip, nothing, notta, no clue. As a player, when do you have time to watch the cheerleaders while playing?

If I was the mother of the cheerleading coach and also working for the same school district that your daughter works for I would support my daughter as a parent wholeheartedly. Administrators are supposed to be professional and handle complaints with an open mind and not my way or the highway.

What’s wrong with letting Aleta Lemmon work until her retirement date and be gone? I feel the administrators could have handled this more professionally and with less drama and more thoughtfulness. Twenty two years of employment is respectable and needs to be handled with humility and compassion for all those involved. Some individuals have too much power and ultimately affect all those who work under them.

Art Derbyshire



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