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Letter: Why is city kicking out its own programs for REACH?

Published on August 11, 2017 11:28AM

Last changed on August 11, 2017 7:34PM

Pendleton city manager Robb Corbett recommended to city council in a workshop that REACH take over the Pendleton Recreation Center for their program.

I don’t deny it could be a good program. My questions: Why is a government agency being used to house an outreach program? Why have Parks and Recreation programs been displaced for this program?

It seems unacceptable that the city will lose revenue for an outreach program. It is known the church founding the outreach is the city manager’s place of worship. It is known the REACH “board of directors” are made up of members of the church, not a mix of members of the community who have a vested interest in the success of the program. And there was no clarification at the meeting regarding REACH actually having any secured funds, only an understanding that many people will be vying for the funds.

How will they be able to fund the lease of the building and fund programs such as meals two to five times a week? Is the outreach program going to have a lease with the city at a fair market rate that will recoup funds going to be lost from, for example, birthday parties and foundation room rentals?

It is unfortunate the Parks and Recreation employee has been displaced from their office, and has had to find other venues for programs established. Gymnastics moved to the Vert Auditorium — that isn’t the purpose the Vert was built to serve. Why should city programs have to be housed at school facilitates when there is a facility owned by the city that should be used?

It is very upsetting. Why is council just now being made aware of this? Shouldn’t this have gone before the Parks and Recreation Commission instead of the city manager just doing it?

Unfortunately, I have heard a lot of upset in the community. Why is one church allowed to take over a building over the city programs? As a taxpayer I am concerned how the city will recoup revenues lost.

It would be appreciated if the community could get answers.

Cody Cimmiyotti



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