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LETTER: Walden cares about Eastern Oregon issues

Published on October 17, 2017 5:02PM

My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing Greg Walden since we moved to Oregon in 1989. Greg was representing Oregonians in the Oregon House of Representatives when I first met him and was later elected to the Oregon Senate. In 1999 Greg was elected to represent Oregonians in the 2nd Congressional District, a position he continues to fulfill with integrity and vision.

Congressman Walden has always taken the time to learn about and work with us on issues important to our region. Vital economic issues such as growing our job base, prudent use of our natural resources and diversified energy sources are all part of his forward thinking agenda.

Congressman Walden understands the importance and use of all types of domestic energy. I have found that Congressman Walden recognizes the connections between capitalizing on America’s energy abundances in hydropower, natural gas, wind and coal, with improving our energy infrastructure and job creation. Clean, efficient hydropower generates 42 percent of Oregon’s electricity generation needs.

As chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, he plays a key role in shaping America’s energy and commerce policies, including hydropower, Oregon’s largest single producer of low cost power. I appreciate the importance his role plays in shaping the future of Oregon in critical areas such as energy as well as many more.

Our region, as do others, shares a passion for education and technology, subjects that Greg supports in numerous ways as we push forward to expand our educated workforce.

The staff who expertly assist Congressman Walden in the field and Washington, D.C., are predominately Oregonians. They do an outstanding job listening and helping us with concerns and issues along with providing Greg the support he needs to effectively represent the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District.

Please join us in supporting and voting for Greg Walden to continue to represent us in Congress.

Gary and Kathy Neal



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