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LETTER: We all should take a knee sometimes

Published on October 20, 2017 5:00PM

Since when is kneeling disrespectful? When you pray at home or in a house of your God do you kneel? When you receive an honor from the monarchy do you kneel? Do you kneel before a fallen comrade, or to give CPR? That is out of respect for life. I am shocked that no one has referred to that.

When was the last time anyone said the Pledge of Allegiance? In a public place or privately? Have you forgotten the words and lost the meaning of those words? “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” When the Pledge of Allegiance was taken out of the schools we lost the meaning and the importance of the flag. And look up the definition of indivisible. Does this not apply to people of color? And justice does not mean “just us.” Jesus was of darker skin!

Those young men were not being disrespectful. It was very brave of them and they chose a nonviolent way of expressing their deep emotions on this issue. And who would have more right? Four hundred years of slavery! That is a tough act to follow. And they are still being singled out with racism, anger and hatred. Why? I don’t get it. They have fought and lost their lives in our wars keeping our country safe. The young athletes were saying “remember us.” They were representing all people of color. And what injustices they are still being put through due to bigotry, ignorance and bullies!

Let’s show some respect and compassion to humanity, be a little more flexible and not so rigid in what we feel is right and wrong. Consider what other people have been through. All of the above is what makes America great! Not building walls or shipping children to a strange country that isn’t home, or refusing sanctuary to people needing help.

The man in the White House is a trigger for hatred, anger and criticism. He makes it all boil to the surface and then people act violently and negatively. He is a catalyst instead of having a calming influence. He wants to do battle. He is making our country a ticking time bomb and acts like it is one of his reality shows.

I realize I’m older, but since when has the President of the United States of America descended to the level of street language of the youth?

Stella Enright-Queen

Francis Sewell



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