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Letter: Sonic weapons used in Cuba used in America, too

Published on October 25, 2017 4:32PM

When I read the story about American diplomats being attacked with an invisible weapon in Cuba, I was overwhelmed.

In an Oct. 19 CBS news article, one man described an event that was extremely similar to the one I had. He describes laying on his bed and experiencing an overwhelming feeling while his arms and legs became numb. The event that I was a part of was a loud ringing in my head and an overwhelming powerful feeling of love and joy, while at the same time the fear of not understanding the event was terrifying.

I hadn’t included it in the book I had written three years earlier, because it was so incredible. I didn’t think anyone would believe it and I wanted my readers to know that the words in the book were the truth.

As I read how tourist Chris Allen had been unable to find anyone who could explain the event he was a part of, I thought about how every health care provider I had spoken to in the last 10 years had told me that I was either delusional or schizophrenic. Allen has been to some of the finest doctors in the country and no one can explain this. Every time I have tried to talk to a health care provider I have been accused of being mentally ill. The CBS news article quotes, “cases like Allen’s illustrate the essential paradox of the Havana mystery: if you can’t say what the attacks are, how can you say what they’re not?” This is the dilemma I have faced in my quest to prove that this technology exists and that people have experienced it.

One would have to believe that since the documented attacks have been perpetrated on American intelligence personnel, they are an electronic behavior modification weapon that is being used to cause change. All I know is that I have seen the best and the worst of what this technology can do and what it has done to my family. If we can’t talk about it with a straight face, innocent people are going to be hurt. When we can realize this technology exists, we can begin to see its potential to make the world a better place.

Chuck Baker



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