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LETTER: EOCI health system not helping all inmates

Published on October 26, 2017 4:47PM

I just read your article on the “person” who is getting their hormone treatment paid courtesy of us the taxpayers. Please answer me one question, East Oregonian: why do you not do an investigative report, in depth, on how bad the health system really is in prison?

A “person” can get hormone therapy because they want to be another sex, and two people I know of at EOCI need insulin pumps; one had his before he was even incarcerated and EOCI refuses to let him have it, and the other had a recommendation from an outstanding endocrinologist that he desperately needed one and family offered to pay for it, but EOCI and DOC said no! This is life-saving equipment, whereas hormone therapy is not.

So, please out there at EOCI and DOC please tell me how you justify this? You are contributing in the long run to two people dying earlier then necessary because you refuse them much-needed treatment, and you give hormone therapy to a person who will not die without it.

Anybody out there know a excellent attorney for a class action lawsuit? I am disgusted beyond anything I can say.

Barbara Dickerson



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