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Letter: Stanfield garden waste dump should be open to all taxpayers

Published on October 31, 2017 1:40PM

I am really very irritated by a recent discovery with the Stanfield garden waste area.

We have used this site for at least five years. Our home has an Echo address even though we live on the Stanfield/Echo dividing line. But we have a Stanfield phone number and pay taxes in Stanfield.

My husband went down to empty some garden waste only to discover the site now has a locked gate. The posted sign read: “For Stanfield residents and commercial use.” So he went to city hall to ask about it. We can no longer use the site because we do not live in Stanfield.

This is disappointing since for years we have been responsible users of this site. Many times we have collected paint cans, soda cans and other trash to take home to our trash container. Some people were definitely not using the site responsibly, so I do understand that some screening of people using the site was necessary.

But just last week a friend, who does live in Stanfield, went to city hall to see about emptying his truck loaded with weeds and shrub clippings. He was informed that because he lives just outside city limits on Bartley Road, he couldn’t use the site. He pays taxes in Stanfield, too.

This is discrimination, limiting the site to people inside the city limits and excluding people who pay Stanfield taxes.

Beverly Stoddard



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