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LETTER: City manager explains compost policies

Published on November 2, 2017 5:12PM

In response to Beverly Stoddard of Echo regarding her letter to the editor about Stanfield’s “garden waste dump” being closed to non-residents, please let me explain our policies regarding access to our Compost Yard.

Ms. Stoddard requests that access to the site be given to all who pay Stanfield taxes. This is already our policy. Anyone who wishes to have a permit to access the site need only show proof of residency or property ownership within Stanfield city limits. This can be in the form of a utility bill or property tax bill, and proof of identity.

However, I suspect that what Ms. Stoddard really wants is access given to all who have the word “Stanfield” appearing on their property tax bill. Properties that pay taxes to the Stanfield School District or Cemetery District may have the word “Stanfield” on their bill, but may not pay taxes to the city of Stanfield. Similarly, persons with a mailing address with the 97875 ZIP code, like Ms. Stoddard’s friend, will have the word “Stanfield” in their address, but this may be news to them: They don’t live in Stanfield. At least, not within the city of Stanfield. The city of Stanfield only receives taxes from properties within Stanfield city limits. These properties will have the “City of Stanfield” listed among the entities that their property taxes go to. If Ms. Stoddard owns property within Stanfield city limits, we would be happy to issue her a permit and gate code.

The city is the sole owner of our compost yard. We receive no funding from any other agency to pay for the maintenance of that site. Last year, use of the compost yard shot up exponentially, causing our costs to balloon. We have addressed this by closing the site to residents only, or to paying commercial customers. We regret that this step was necessary, but unfortunately, a few bad actors have made it necessary to restrict access to the site.

I should add, however, that even though access to the compost yard is restricted, we are still giving away the compost to whomever wants it. Just give us a call at City Hall and we will arrange for you to get some.

W. Blair Larsen, city manager



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