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Letter: Bellinger a supporter of key Central Project

Published on November 9, 2017 4:46PM

I support Jack Bellinger for the Westland Irrigation District board of directors.

Due to expensive and misguided litigation against the district, Westland needs an experienced, knowledgeable, and honest leader now more than ever. Jack understands the importance of securing a long-term, reliable source of water for the district. When the Umatilla Basin Water Commission was testing recharge efforts, Jack voluntarily allowed monitoring wells to be drilled on his property. He understood the importance of recharge as a possible supplement to Westland’s water supply.

This past spring, Jack was strongly in support of the Central Project, which would have made Columbia River water available to Westland patrons. Westland is the only Umatilla Project irrigation district in the Umatilla Basin that does not have access to Columbia River water (Hermiston, Stanfield, and West Extension Irrigation Districts all have Columbia River exchanges in place). Jack has demonstrated interest in securing Westland’s future, and has a record of action to back it up.

Robert Emert



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