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Letter: Leadership critical as Westland faces litigation

Published on November 9, 2017 4:45PM

I am writing to encourage all patrons of Westland Irrigation District to carefully consider whom they vote for in the upcoming election for the Westland board of directors.

In the face of ongoing litigation, it has never been more important to elect a representative who has a solid knowledge of how Westland is managed and run. At a time when misunderstandings run rampant and there is lack of well-vetted, accurate information being perpetuated by a minority of patrons, it is critical that we elect an individual who has a well-documented track record of making informed and beneficial decisions for Westland.

Jack Bellinger will amplify the truth and insure a continuity for Westland to move forward. For a board member with character and experience I encourage all patrons of Westland Irrigation District to vote to re-elect Jack Bellinger.

Dan McCarty



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