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Letter: Support Bellinger for Westland Irrigation board

Published on November 9, 2017 4:44PM

I am writing to urge patrons of Westland Irrigation District to vote to re-elect Jack Bellinger to the board of directors. Jack embodies attributes that district patrons value.

Jack is a second generation Umatilla County farmer and has an informed understanding of the region. As a farmer and business owner raising his own family in the area, he understands the importance of water to sustain the local economy. As a result of his extensive background as an irrigator and director for Westland, his knowledge of water and water law is excellent. He has been a supporter of efforts to secure a long-term water plan for community regeneration for years. Most recently, he supported the Central Project, which would have made valuable Columbia River water available to Westland patrons.

Jack is the leader we need right now. As the district faces litigation that threatens to leave patrons straddled with higher assessments and long-term consequences, Westland needs a director who understands how the district works and has a vision for a stronger future.

Michael Atkinson



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