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LETTER: Westland needs a farmer like Bellinger

Published on November 13, 2017 3:19PM

Much can be said for Jack Bellinger’s experience and impact as a director on the Westland Board. However, I would also like to highlight his excellent contributions as a member of the local community.

A skilled and hardworking farmer, Jack has expanded his second generation farm from small scale to a thriving 900-acre operation. Watermelons are among Bellinger Farms’ most familiar offerings, and the Bellinger shop just outside of Hermiston is another familiar marker in the community. In recent years, Jack and his wife expanded the shop further to include the Gathering Place restaurant.

Jack runs a successful farm and business with the community in mind. This is exactly the type of individual Westland needs on its board of directors. He is a great communicator and willing listener who welcomes patron feedback and comments. This is illustrated through his offer to meet with groups of district patrons to discuss concerns and answer questions. Jack understands the local region and the importance of water to it.

Jack approaches his position on the Westland board of directors the same way he approaches his business and farming endeavors: with a strong work ethic, well-informed insights, and a continued willingness to improve and succeed. I encourage patrons of Westland Irrigation District to cast their vote next Tuesday to re-elect Jack Bellinger.

Jake Madison



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