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Letter: Tim White a different kind of congressional candidate

Published on November 14, 2017 5:03PM

I’m writing in support of a different sort of candidate for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District — different because of his independence from party dogma and a real desire to see benefit to the residents of our district.

His name is Tim White, and if you examine his positions you’ll find that he doesn’t conform to the “identity politics” that Steve Bannon rightly identified as the Democrats’ vulnerability. Yes, he is in full support of ensuring the rights of all of us, whether we are of a racial minority, LGBTQ, female or male, and especially those of us in the working middle class who have been left behind in times of economic boom.

More importantly, he believes we must stop the wave of undoing the progress America has made on many fronts. That wave has brought us legislation and executive orders that have a crippling effect on protections put in place by previous administrations.

Our health care system is broken, it needs to be fixed not discarded. White believes the ACA deficiencies can be fixed if our representatives would work together and stop the partisan bickering.

Our Veterans Administration is in serious trouble, leaving our heroic military veterans in a sea of paperwork and bureaucratic delays. Tim believes we can do better by providing adequate funding for facilities and staff and by holding the VA management accountable.

And let’s not forget the economic ditch we were in during 2007 and 2008. The GOP is now proposing to gut the protections put in place to prevent a recurrence of that mess — they want to go back to the good old days of an unfettered Wall Street and big banks.

So, it’s time for Greg Walden to retire. Eighteen years, and counting, in the House is far too long. Can I honestly say Oregon’s 2nd District is on a stronger economic footing than that of 18 years ago? Are our veterans being better served? Has Walden introduced any legislation of substance during his tenure?

I believe the answer to each of these three questions is no. Walden is a faithful party man. He has voted almost 100 percent for Trump policies. If you support everything Trump is doing, then Walden is your man. But I think we need someone who will truly represent us and work hard for us.

Take a look at Tim White. I think you’ll find that he will more than measure up on both counts.

Gerry Mueller



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