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Letter: Megafires caused by climate change, not fire suppression

Published on November 17, 2017 3:59PM

The remedy for an alcoholic is not more alcohol. It was surprising, therefore, that the gathering to consider forest issues in Medford was informed that fire suppression has caused an over-dense forest susceptible to further wildfire and then focused on suppressing wildfire as the solution.

Here we had self-proclaimed forest experts telling us that the solution to fire suppression is more fire suppression. This is worse than simplistic, it’s insane!

There is ample reason to control fire around human dwellings, but our forests are fire adapted, it’s an essential component to maintaining their health.

We can, however, address the primary reason for the fires, namely the warming and drying that results from our emissions of climate pollution. Anyone who is concerned about the smoke, would have to support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, since this is the best vehicle for Oregon to step up to the plate and control its climate pollution.

It would be pure anti-science hypocrisy to pretend concern about forest fires and oppose that legislation. Let’s all get on board — now!

Trisha Vigil



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