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Letter: Starkey wolf killing deserves thorough investigation

Published on November 20, 2017 2:07PM

The wolf shot and killed near Starkey Experimental Station Nov. 2 deserved a thorough investigation before Union County’s DA gave the story any credence. The hunter’s claim of self-defense goes against all science regarding wolf behavior in North America. These facts should have triggered serious skepticism and a thorough investigation before conclusions were drawn.

Giving this hunter what appears to be ‘a pass’ sends the wrong message to everyone. Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs are wrong. Now that wolves are being given a second chance around the West there is a need to educate the public, not perpetuate false fears.

The greatest danger to human safety during hunting season is hunters themselves. There are numerous incidents annually of hunters killing or injuring themselves or innocent bystanders. The Starkey wolf was as innocent as the woman in Maine shot and killed Nov. 3 by a hunter while walking on her own property.

The hunter’s story about being attacked by a wolf has got to be rescinded and replaced with factual, scientific information about wolf and human interactions. In nature, wolves do not attack humans.

The wolf situation is rough enough with rancher issues about predation. This shooting must be readdressed to bring some truth and justice to this tragic killing.

Mary McCracken

La Grande


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