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Letter: Walden’s votes in Congress will cost him votes in election

Published on November 21, 2017 1:14PM

This letter is directed to my neighbors in Oregon’s Second Congressional District who, like me, have been supporters of our Representative Greg Walden.

We all need to pay attention to Rep. Walden’s vote last week in support of the U.S. House tax restructuring bill. The truth is that this bill will harm many of us in order to pay for permanent, hefty tax cuts for the small handful of our Second District neighbors with very high income and/or net worth.

It will do so in ways that we will notice, and that we will not like, such as:

• Raising taxes outright for about a quarter of us;

• Eliminating deductions for state and local taxes, medical expenses, child credits, adoptions, higher education tuition and interest on student loans;

• Triggering automatic, deep cuts to Medicare; and

• Relying on tens of thousands canceling their health insurance, which will raise premiums for the rest of us.

Greg Walden voted for a radical, awful, unpopular bill which he helped ram through the House in two weeks without a hearing. He needs to hear from his constituents who will be hurt by it.

Jim Appleton



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