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LETTER: Roundabout safer option for dangerous intersection

Published on November 27, 2017 4:51PM

I am pleased to see the concern for the danger at the Feedville/South Edwards intersection. But, I am not convinced adding stop signs on the east/west route will solve the problem. I imagine every person involved in an accident there thought there were no cars approaching that intersection when they blew the stop sign.

The lay of the land, with the adjacent plant growth, often gives the impression that there are no cars approaching. Since it is a remote area, drivers may think that no one will see them blow the stop. I am afraid adding stop signs will probably not cause the guilty drivers to change their behavior.

The solution is to construct a roundabout at this intersection. This will cause all approaching vehicles to slow down to move through the roundabout. Problem solved. Scientific evidence and my experience has shown me that traffic does move more safely and more rapidly under these conditions.

Once the county has this problem solved, they can work on ODOT to get the trucks off the Diagonal/Elm Street route before someone else is killed.

Carlisle Harrison



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