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Letter: Trump’s racism is deeply ingrained

Published on December 8, 2017 2:47PM

President Trump’s racism is deeply ingrained and embedded in his personality and he chooses to flaunt his racism at any time. For example, at a recent White House ceremony recognizing the famed World War II code talkers of the Navajo Nation, The Donald could not resist using the occasion to make a racial slur. Elizabeth Warren, the democratic senator from Massachusetts, had absolutely nothing to do with the event, yet Trump found the need to twist and undermine the occasion into what he perceived to be his political benefit.

During this solemn ceremony, Trump referred to Senator Warren as “Pocahontas.” Then he stood waiting for everyone to chuckle at his punch line. However, no one did. In my opinion, Trump used his guests, the code talkers, to mock and slur a sitting United States senator. Thus, he mocked and slurred the code talkers as well.

The reason President Trump can get away with racist stunts like this is no one will criticize or question him when he does these things. In fact, his so-called “base” will cheer him on for things like this. All the leadership of the Navajo Nation had to say in response was that Trump is “insensitive.” They need to call it for what is — blatant racism.

The Navajo Nation leadership also said they appreciate the “honor” President Trump provided to the code talkers. Honor? Trump used the code talkers for his own racist purposes, of taking a cheap shot at a duly elected official because she refuses to bow down to him.

Senator Warren knows her own heritage better than anyone else, and why would anyone else feel the need to question it? The Donald has a racist and twisted need to question the ancestry of people of color, such as the ancestry of President Barack Obama. Although this situation has been put to rest long ago, President Trump has recently been trying to revive it again.

Bob Shippentower



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