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LETTER: Menace in the Blue Mountains

Published on December 11, 2017 4:34PM

Farmers, hunters and hikers beware! There is a murdering herd of chipmunks killing off cows, sheep, llamas, deer, elk, turkeys and grouse.

If this sounds ridiculous to you, consider the fact that ODFW can investigate a llama kill that is partly eaten, with wolf tracks 20 yards away and trail camera photos of a wolf pack 300 yards away but can’t determine it as a wolf kill.

ODFW loves these wolves. They are job security. ODFW gets to spend their days in the woods checking on and learning what the wolves are doing. They get to ride around in trucks, airplanes and helicopters all paid for by taxpayers. They spend time in the forest on our nickel, tagging and monitoring wolves and investigating kills on livestock. But the burden of proof is so stringent that many kills are obvious but never declared a wolf kill.

If it does becomes obvious that a wolf or a pack is killing livestock that it can’t be ignored by ODFW, a ton more money is spent hunting and killing the predators to blame.

There is no way of knowing how many deer, elk, turkey and grouse are killed to support these killer chipmunks throughout Oregon.

Roger Robinson



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