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Letter: Hermiston shouldn’t have cut and killed old cedar tree

Published on December 14, 2017 8:25PM

A western red cedar was cut down in the park and placed into the asphalt on Northeast Second Street in Hermiston recently. This western red cedar was one of only three of this species, age and size in Hermiston. Now there are only two.

This tree was located in Victory Square Park and dates back to World War II, when the land was originally owned by the federal government for housing during the construction of the munitions depot and was commonly known as Tertle Town.

Trees provide historic value to the past. Old trees, especially ones from WWII, are regarded as important because they have lived through eras with which we have few other connections.

Almost everyone knows that trees are valuable and contribute to the environment — such as air, noise, wind, soil, storm water and climate control. The benefits this tree provided because of its size and age, both environmentally and monetarily, are irreplaceable.

Being a licensed arborist with the Pacific Northwest Chapter and the International Society of Arborists, it is my hope for the future of trees in Hermiston that this appalling act is never repeated.

Doug Bennett



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