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Letter: Done talking to Greg Walden after his votes on health care

Published on December 15, 2017 5:49PM

Don’t waste your time attending U.S. Rep. Greg Walden’s community meetings or calling him at his office. Rep. Walden simply does not listen and has no problem lying to your face.

Last spring I attended one of his town hall meetings where he promised he would not vote for a health care plan that had a pre-existing health clause in it. He also promised that no one would be denied health care, yet he helped formulate a plan that did just the opposite. He voted at least three times on health plans that even President Donald Trump said were mean-spirited. He also said he was stuck with a terrible Obamacare health plan. In reality he has a blue ribbon Obama plan that has many perks you and I would love to have.

He is now hell-bent on passing a tax plan that is riddled with flaws. His district has a high number of elderly people in it, as well as modest and low income families who struggle with health care expenses. His stance on health care and tax reform will greatly damage these people. Both his health and tax plan attacks Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

I’m sure Rep. Walden listens to some people, but they are not the common patrons in his district. Instead of talking to him, find and support someone to replace him next fall. Better yet, contact President Trump and ask him to write Rep. Walden an endorsement. Oh, maybe Mr. Bannon also.

David Lange



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