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Letter: Rural Oregon will benefit from less internet regulation

Published on December 15, 2017 5:43PM

In response to your piece “Net neutrality debate pits free market against government regulations”:

As was discussed in the East Oregonian recently, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released the draft Restoring Internet Freedom order outlining his plan to roll back Title II regulations. The utility-style regulations, which were implemented under the Obama administration, have been hotly debated for the last two years. In fact, the public comment cycle for the Restoring Internet Freedom proposal generated more than 22 million comments, including over 7.75 million fake comments generated by disposable email domains and more than 1.72 million international comments — virtually all of which opposed the repeal of Title II.

But what is largely being overlooked in the back and forth is that the chairman’s proposal will benefit Americans, especially those in rural areas like many throughout Eastern Oregon. The return to the light touch regulatory approach that successfully governed the internet for decades will increase investment and encourage innovation — a win for consumers.

There are too many people who still lack access to a broadband connection, in spite of the fact that it is essentially required for many aspects of modern life. The investment spurred by the Restoring Internet Freedom order will help to address the digital divide and will aid in the rollout of 5G technology.

Rhetoric aside, Chairman Pai’s proposal is a sound one. It is past time that we get internet regulation back on track.

Tom Gurr

Pacific Technology Alliance

Issaquah, Wash.


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