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LETTER: A case for Trump’s great America

Published on December 18, 2017 4:07PM

The incessant attacks on the character of President Donald Trump by the national press and media and the constant mocking of his promise to Make America Great Again, by pundits (as evidenced in the East Oregonian) has divided and polarized our nation and antagonized those that support the president. America elected this president because they wanted their country back, their sovereignty restored, their borders protected, Americans first instead of a foreign global world order.

In the face of 1) a biased politically motivated investigation that has uncovered nothing, 2) compounded by a recently documented corrupt FBI (check out the Bundy trial), 3) a gutless DOJ that mocks justice, and 4) a Republican-controlled Congress that essentially lacks the integrity to support the president, how has this so-called womanizer, uncouth, idiot, charlatan done?

Here is the real news you won’t read in the EO or any national news outlet: Under Trump the stock market has grown 25 percent with 45 record highs, the economy is growing at a recent record of 3 percent, for a $5.2 trillion profit for America. Unemployment is at a 17-year low, including African Americans. Illegal immigration is at its lowest level since the Great Depression. Since inauguration there are one million new private sector jobs, manufacturing is at a 20-year high and consumer confidence is at a 13-year high. ISIS has been defeated, the military has been revitalized and our veterans services restored.

How did this happen? Trump kept his promises. He renegotiated NAFTA, withdrew from the job killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, and pulled out of the global carbon tax Paris Climate Accord. Trump is making America great again. Imagine America with an honest national media, press, and the swamp that controls the FBI, DOJ, Congress, and the globalists eradicated!

Stuart Dick



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