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Letter: Changes needed in District 2, Tim White can bring them

Published on December 21, 2017 12:01AM

Last changed on December 21, 2017 9:32PM

Things need to change in the Congressional 2nd District. The district faces a myriad of complex issues and it will take courage, imagination, skill, financial/economic expertise and integrity to come up with and execute action plans to address our needs in the Second District. I have found an individual, Tim White, who has, not only the requisite has qualities, but also a solid plan to deal with our challenges.

Most importantly, we need more economic opportunity. Per capita income in the rural areas is lagging the national averages. Tim has talked about investment in solar and related technologies, apprenticeship training programs and upgrading our highway systems to encourage business to relocate here.

Economic planning is crucial to bringing sustainable prosperity to the district by adapting to the forces of globalization and automation without damaging our precious environment.

Second, working families are struggling. Tim intends to defend and support middle class families by advocating: a) for a progressive tax system, b) measures to fund substance abuse addiction recovery care, c) enhancements to secondary education and d) expanding access to affordable higher education.

Third, quality and affordable healthcare is crucial for the well being of District 2 families. Not only does Tim White believe this true, but he also plans to work assiduously to lower costs, improve positive health outcomes, fight to protect or augment ACA and strengthen the social safety net by protecting Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid so that our seniors can live with dignity.

Fourth, the treatment of veterans in the Second District is extremely deficient. Not only do we have wait times for treatment that are still unacceptable, but also the number of homeless vets is a moral disgrace. Volunteerism is wonderful, but it is the obligation of the government, which asked them to fight in the first place, to restore them to spiritual health. Tim won’t stop fighting to properly fund the VA until we make it right.

We need a fresh look at our issues. Tim White has the wisdom, integrity, values, expertise, skill, knowledge, experience and courage to represent the interests of the people of the Second District.

He has, moreover, a plan grounded in the realities of today and focused on the needs of our fellow Second District citizens.

Leo McGregor



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