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Letter: Federal one-party rule more dangerous than Oregon’s

Published on December 22, 2017 1:12PM

This is my response your editorial on one-party rule in Oregon government. Sounds like you have a strong opinion against a one-sided party for our state, but I would rather hear your opinion on our one-sided party that is in control of our government in Washington, DC.

Let’s get real here. Sure it’s not healthy on state level, but it’s absolutely dangerous on the national level.

Somehow the people have to take back common sense into our government instead of this one-sided insanity. Governor Kate Brown isn’t perfect. That’s an unreal expectation to have on anyone who runs for office. But I do expect them to be educated and work for the best solutions for the people. Mostly for those that need it most: children, disabled, elderly, vets, and the hopeless.

And it’s up to us regular people to try and keep things on the right track. Our responsibility doesn’t stop when we cast our vote. It continues with staying involved with what’s happening.

Do your own research and come up with your own opinions and ideas. Read the news but think for yourself. Join a committee or a group that wants to work on solutions. Stay involved, speak your mind, talk, share, do whatever you are able to do, no matter how big or how small.

We are a country united by states, united by counties, united by towns, united by neighborhoods, united by people, united by you and me. Will we agree on everything? I hope not! But we can talk and when we agree to disagree we can respect that and go our separate ways. Maybe this is what “Oregon is for, its improbable moment.”

Bernie Sanderson



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