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Letter: Defeat Greg Walden in 2018

Published on December 26, 2017 1:25PM

As the new year arrives it is time that we took a look at who is representing us in Washington, D.C., from the Second Congressional District.

It is totally apparent that U.S. Rep. Greg Walden is about as out of touch with his constituents as any representative from this district has ever been. He votes to end the Affordable Health Care Act, then he votes for the biggest tax reform bill in history (which won’t help most of his district), and when it comes to helping the vets he could care less.

Ladies and gentlemen, is that the kind of representation we want in Washington, D.C.? I sure believe we can do better.

Recently Rep. Walden was invited to hear the concerns of a group of volunteer veterans advocates from all over the U.S. when they were in the Rayburn Building holding a forum on vets’ issues, and never bothered to send a representative or show up himself. That told me he could care less about the vet and his or her problems. When spending for vets issues is one of the biggest bills in the Defense Department’s budget, I would think that Rep. Walden would at least have the common decency to send someone from his office to listen and take notes. But no, he couldn’t be bothered, and yes, he knew 6-8 weeks in advance that the meeting was taking place.

I personally have dealt with Rep. Walden’s office and found that they could care less if they helped or not. I believe it’s time to send Walden packing like we did Gordon Smith and get someone to represent us in Washington, D.C., who isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers and make waves if it helps someone in their district.

Whether you vote for Jim Crary or Tim White or one of the others, it’s time to tell Greg Walden: “You’re through. Pack up and go home.” We need someone in Washington, D.C., that represents rural Oregon, not his big campaign contributors.

Barbara Wright



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