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Letter: Measure 101 keeps important services in place

Published on January 3, 2018 4:39PM

More than one in ten Wallowa County residents has health insurance because of Medicaid expansion. These are working people — ranchers and farmers, store clerks and contractors — who cannot otherwise afford health care coverage. These are the people whose access to health care, and whose health itself, could be severely impacted if Measure 101 fails.

A yes vote on Measure 101 supports the assessment of a fee on large hospitals and health insurers in the state and brings in three times that amount in federal funds. It is a way to maintain the state’s Medicaid program at its current level for two years, giving the Legislature time to work out a long-term solution.

Here in Wallowa County, providers will continue to care for our families, friends and neighbors regardless of the outcome on Measure 101.

However, a no vote may require cuts in services currently offered by local health care providers, including the hospital and the full range of medical, dental and mental health clinics in the county. Our local providers, due in part to Medicaid expansion, are working together to provide some of the most innovative health care in the state of Oregon. A yes on Measure 101 continues that good work.

Please vote yes on Measure 101 so that hard working folks in Wallowa County can continue to access essential healthcare for themselves and their families.

Nick Lunde

Board Chair, Wallowa County Healthcare District

Liz Powers

Family Physician, Winding Waters Community Health Center


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