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Letter: Local marijuana store not falling for Sessions’ threat

Published on January 5, 2018 6:19PM

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided to rescind the Cole Memorandum. After hemming and hawing over the decision for nearly a year, he chooses to do it just days after California, a U.S. state with the sixth largest GDP on Earth, goes legal with recreational cannabis. A little late now pal. Many people have become concerned and the media has exploded with more speculation.

As a cannabis business owner, I do not find this alarming. The majority of Americans support full legalization of cannabis. Many congressmen have been actively lobbying for ending prohibition. Voters are saying yes to both medical and recreational cannabis bills that are introduced for a vote. State officials are positioning themselves in defense of regulatory laws enacted in their states. This shows me that we are winning.

What this also shows me is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions no longer wants tax money paid to the federal government. Business taxes from thousands of cannabis businesses are being paid to the federal government — not to mention employment taxes for the tens of thousands of cannabis industry employees.

Sessions also no longer wants states to tax cannabis sales and generate their own revenue, thus reducing some of the need for federal assistance.

Sessions no longer wants the underemployed to have a new industry grow and create thousands of new job opportunities.

This shows me that he does not respect the people, nor states rights — the same as he doesn’t respect civil rights, women’s rights, gender equality, voters rights, personal liberties and most everything else.

Sessions no longer wishes to see a reduction in opiate use when our country is faced with a horrific opiate epidemic. Many cannabis users find relief that is adequate enough to reduce or even stop the use of opiates for pain management.

AG Jeff Sessions doesn’t care about the thousands of children who are medical cannabis patients, gaining relief from childhood conditions like cancer, epilepsy and autism, among others. He doesn’t care about the families that have a substandard quality of life due to the medical costs of these afflictions and the societal ostracization from the stigma surrounding cannabis.

Decades of lies have been disproven, yet this man continues his intolerant and bigoted personal crusade against cannabis. He is obviously terrified of change. It is time for Sessions to be kind and embrace change, because change will continue whether he likes it or not.

At Kind Leaf it is business as usual.

Brandon Krenzler



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