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LETTER: Vote on Walden’s record, not his promises

Published on January 8, 2018 3:40PM

Our elected representative, Greg Walden, toured Eastern Oregon talking to his constituents and intimating that the new tax bill was the best thing since sliced bread. Several independent studies have shown that is not true. The burden imposed by the new law falls almost exclusively on the working poor, the middle class and rural citizens.

These studies show that hundreds of rural hospitals will be forced to close their doors. Hundreds of rural schools will be forced to consolidate, with communities losing their identities and the closeness and solidarity that a local school provides. Tax breaks for homeowners will disappear and health care costs that are not lost entirely will go up for everyone (estimated 10 percent the first year). The cost of going to college will increase as will the burden of student loans.

Representative Walden slavishly followed the line given out by the Republican Party and disregarded the consequences to be suffered by his constituents. At every stop on his tour he assured listeners that the middle class was going to see huge tax reductions, and jobs and prosperity were on the way. This based on the failed trickle down theory practiced in bankrupt Kansas. Small tax breaks are going to occur for some middle class citizens, but only for two to three years. These small reductions are offset by the additional burdens imposed by health costs and other taxes. The tax breaks for corporations are permanent.

The wealthy and corporations (whose total wealth increased in 2017 by one trillion dollars) will receive 99 percent of the tax windfall. Walden was elected to look after the interests of his own constituents. In this he has failed miserably and does not deserve to hold his office.

Do not take my word, I admit a bias towards lies and misdirection. Look at the facts. All of the information available on both conservative outlets and more traditional sites. Don’t live in a bubble. I urge well informed voters to base future votes on Walden’s record — on what he has done, not on what he has said.

Terry Andersen



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