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Letter: Cleaning up dogs’ business has become our business

Published on January 9, 2018 4:08PM

The good news? Perhaps after New Year’s Day people have resolved to get out and walk with their dog more often. Good for the health of the dog and the human. The bad news? Some humans are forgetting to pick up after their dogs do their business. In fact, quite a few seem to have forgotten.

Yesterday we were walking our dog along the river walkway, played at the dog park, and then stopped at a local park on the way home to enjoy a cup of coffee from Buckin’ Bean. I’m not exaggerating when I say we picked up eight piles of dog feces along the way. I’m not counting the business of our own dog. Thank goodness, we always carry many bags.

But that is ridiculous! Dog owners, haven’t you noticed that runners and walkers with whom we share the areas have frequently stepped in it, getting it on their shoes and smearing it further on the pavement or grass? I can assure you that they are just as disgruntled as we are.

More surprisingly, we have found numerous piles at the dog park. The Pendleton Parks and Rec Department have thoughtfully placed two bag dispensers, (yes, they are full of bags) and two waste receptacles. There’s no reason there should be piles of feces at the dog park.

So, you bag-less dog walkers out there, it’s really easy: put several bags in your pocket. Pick up after your dog. Dispose of the bag. We can all continue to walk, run, bike, and be healthy in 2018 without having to worry about stepping in a pile.

Connie Macomber, Ron Fonger and Tia the dog



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