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Letter: Measure 101 just another tax from Legislature that spends

Published on January 11, 2018 5:17PM

Tax, tax, tax — our Democratic controlled state legislature recently voted to push another tax on the people of Oregon.

This insidious tax measure is disguised as an assessment by the drafters of this measure. But calling this tax an assessment is like putting lipstick on a pig, hoping to fool the Oregon voters into thinking their eating beef.

It is a tax on you, the taxpayer — a tax on our health care insurance, state health care organizations, school medical insurance, college student insurance, small business, nonprofits and our hospitals.

But, of course, it exempts big corporations, unions and insurance companies and, of course, the state Legislature from this tax. It is a tax on our health care system for you and me, exempting the elite. Make no mistake, the costs incurred by business will be passed on to you.

The sneaky Democrats moved the election to January when everybody is still recovering from the holidays, hoping for a low voter turnout. Tell these Democrat politicians “no” and take back our health care system.

It’s too bad they couldn’t use that gas tax they passed to subsidize the alcohol producers, or the bike tax, or maybe the vehicle registration tax to prop up Medicaid for illegals. I’ve been waiting for the Democrat-controlled legislature to start taxing toilet paper — that’s about the only thing they haven’t tried putting a tax on.

Chuck Chase

Baker City


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