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Letter: Vote yes on Measure 101

Published on January 17, 2018 5:29PM

I urge all eligible voters to vote “yes” on Measure 101. We need to fund our share of the cost of Medicaid now, not refer it back to the Legislature for further discussion about the funding. I think the Legislature did a good job of talking with representatives of all of the kinds of organizations that will need to pay the assessment. Most of them agree this needs to be done.

This approach will cost us less than any other available way of getting health care for low income people. Yes, some of us might have preferred that the necessary funds be found by reassigning state income currently assigned to other programs. But none of us want to see the state-funded services we use reduced or eliminated, and someone feels that way about each and every state program. While there is always opportunity for improved efficiency in state services, that isn’t going to fund this need.

Keep fighting the good fight to reduce waste of state tax dollars, but get health care for poor families while that is happening. Let’s not try to second guess the Legislature. Vote yes on Measure 101.

Lindsay Winsor



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