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Letter: What you don’t know about the federal payroll

Published on January 22, 2018 5:27PM

I encourage readers to check into openthebooks.com. This is a nonprofit private agency that takes no federal funding or grants. They expose some surprising — and sad — statistics on how tax dollars are spent. Here are some things they have uncovered:

• The federal government pays its “disclosed” workforce $1 million per minute — $66 million per hour — $524 million per day. In 2016 the federal government had 1.97 million employees whose compensation was $136.3 billion.

• Over a six-year period the number of federal employees making over $200,000 increased 165 percent. Those making over $150,000 increased 60 percent. Over $100,000 increased 37 percent.

• On average federal employees get 10 federal holidays, 13 sick days and 20 vacation days. If each one took 13 sick days and 20 vacation days (added to the 10 federal holidays) that would cost taxpayers $22.6 billion.

• In 2015, 406,960 federal employees made a six-figure income (1 in 5). Of those, 29,852 made more than each of the 50 state governors.

• A federal agency in San Francisco, Presidio Trust, gets the prize for the highest paid bonus — the HR manager received a bonus of $141,525.

• The post office and Dept. of Veterans Affairs employ over half of the federal workforce.

• Only one third of the 35,000 federal lawyers actually work in the Dept. of Justice. The entire staff of federal lawyers were paid $4.8 billion in 2015.

• The Dept. of Veterans Affairs employs 4,498 police officers at a cost of $172 million in 2016.

There is a whole lot more of this that needs to be exposed.

David Burns



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