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Letter: Oregon has too much marijuana, no place to smoke it

Published on February 1, 2018 4:13PM

The city has approved three marijuana grows within nine months. Oregon already has more marijuana than we can possibly consume. Many people are not fully aware of the impact marijuana grows have on a city. Real estate values are one of my biggest concerns, because of the odors emitted during harvest.

In a town with such a small population, I have wondered why the marijuana industry has grown so exponentially in relation to its size. What is going on? If they are coming from Idaho, why don’t they swing into Huntington, which is 30 miles from the border?

I contacted the director of the Oregon-Idaho HIDTA Program (drug trafficking) and his response was, “Unfortunately I am not able to pass along specific statistics regarding marijuana seizures along Interstate 84 because much of that information is law enforcement sensitive to protect active investigations.“

I don’t think people realize that when people come from Idaho to Oregon and purchase marijuana, there is almost no legal area for smoking it. Because of the Oregon indoor clean air act, you can’t smoke marijuana (even with a vape pen) in public. We want better roads in Pendleton, but we are sending marijuana consumers out onto I-84 to commit crimes by consuming marijuana in their vehicle or transporting it across the border.

Bonnie Bischke



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